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The LiLA Edutainment Initiative

Working with brands that align with our pillars of Technology, Wellness, Art and Entertainment… Our Mission is to Unite People Around the World through a Game of Personal, Professional and Community Development. We work with International Brands, Local Business Owners, Start-ups, Local Government and Non-profits to craft a story based on your mission. Edutainment, Innovation and Social Impact is our goal. Through Event & Project Management, PR Campaigns and the creation of Media that Matters, we are forging lasting Impact in communities through our Edutainment Initiatives

Project management means finding the top vendors, storytellers, corporate trainers, healers, speakers and strategic partners in the city.

What Unifies the Efforts of our Clients and Partners? Community Development

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Education that inspires

Experiential Marketing, Events and Content Creation are our Mediums of telling your brand story while creating the change we wish to see in our Communities. Book a consultation with one of our LiLA Associates today and discover how we can take your mission to the next level.


Empowering through edutainment….. The goal of LiLA (The LiLA Studios LMS) is to provide cutting edge educational resources to you, your team, your customers and loved ones. Our campaigns empower members of the community to engage in creating a better tomorrow through curating their own unique learning experience. We think excellence is directly related to well being and your access to resources. The life of your dreams is here to be discovered, in your very community or any of those you may travel to.


Brand Partners, growth hacking while telling your story….. Using our exclusive community development formula we spread knowledge, resources and personal empowerment to all. Throughout our unique production cycle, we mix event management, staff/volunteer coordination, content generation, distribution, analytics and community outreach to carefully craft a story for your brand. This revolutionary approach creates lasting impact in the lives of your customers and community.


Volunteer, connect and serve locally….. One of the greatest ways to explore your community is by giving back. We partner with local brands and nonprofits to create special volunteer opportunities for the LiLA Community. Our sponsors love to give back and love when you get involved in doing so! Traveling or just moved to a new city? This is for you as well. Learn a new skill, nourish your community and the soul! Click here for volunteer opportunities by city.

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