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Working with brands that align with our pillars of Technology, Wellness, Art and Entertainment… Our Mission is to Unite People Around the World through a Game of Personal, Professional and Community Development. We work with International Brands, Local Business Owners, Start-ups and Non-profits to craft a story based on your mission. Edutainment, Innovation and Impact is our goal. Whether you are launching a new company or looking to strengthen your team at your annual event, hosting a conference afterparty or an entire conference itself; we’re here to help!

Web Development, Events and Content Creation are our Mediums of telling your brand story while creating the change we wish to see in your organization and Communities. Book a consultation with one of our LiLA Associates today and discover how we can take your brand objectives to the next level.


Empowering through edutainment….. The goal of LiLA is to provide cutting edge educational resources to you, your team and community. Our campaigns empower members of the community to engage in creating a better tomorrow through curating their own unique learning experience. We think excellence is directly related to your mindset and well-being, this is why we curate everything from community health fairs to luxury executive wellness retreats.


Brand Partners, growth hacking while telling your story….. Using our exclusive community development formula we spread knowledge, resources and personal empowerment to all. Throughout our unique production cycle, we mix event management, staff/volunteer coordination, content generation, web development, distribution, analytics and community outreach to carefully craft a story for your brand. This revolutionary approach creates lasting impact in the lives of your customers, employees and community.


Through Event & Project Management, PR Campaigns and the creation of Media that Matters, we are forging lasting Impact in communities around the World through our Edutainment Initiatives. While we offer many corporate and personal brand development services, we always keep our community initiatives in mind. We’ve coordinated community service and direct impact initiatives locally and around the world. We will be launching our community service portal for Dade and Monroe County Fall 2021.

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