Edutainment Services

When you hear edutainment what do you think? A way to make learning more entertaining? Absolutely. What we think of is the future of growth and development. Whether that is for the individual, the office, the family unit or community as a whole, community development will be expedited by by applying our unique edutainment framework in order to empower each individual with the chance to learn, connect and grow. We distribute these edutainment campaigns through channels such as local governments’ citizens academies, ad campaigns for our brand partners, experiential learning for attendees of conferences and other private and public events. We also have a database of open source educational materials and resources available to everyone who aligns with our pillars of growth, innovation, connection and creativity. Review our Course Directory and Enroll Today.

The Platform that Accelerates Edutainment and Social Impact Projects through a story of Personal, Professional and Community Development. All of our Services Contribute to this Greater Purpose. Partner with us and contribute to the change you wish to see in the world.


Event Services

From Special Events and Conferences to Family Gatherings and Launch Parties… we have over 50 years of combined experience creating Memorable Moments in the Community. Let our team of Trained Experts turn your next gathering into a Magical Experience with lasting impact for your Brand, Attendees and the Community.

Media & Educational Resources

When it comes to media, edutainment is our strategy. Through providing valuable information and engaging content we create media that matters.  We work with the best local artists and content creators to tell your story through community service and curated experiences. Based in Miami, FL, a hub for digital media and entertainment, we have a wide range of access to lifestyle partners. Turn your next marketing initiative into an interactive mixed media content campaign with ripple effects of change in your community.

Brand Management

Through Events, Media and LiLA’s CDIs (community development initiatives) we provide the ultimate brand development experience. By social engineering and carefully curating strategic partnerships we add layers of impact to creating a strong brand presence and affinity. Our campaigns take community engagement to the next level, empowering the individual to help themselves and those around them. From finding the best happy hour, the next wellness class that would change your life, the new software which would greatly improve your workflow or the finest accommodations for you to plan that special date night…… We market real solutions and partner with the latest and greatest brands in every industry to tell this story.

Retreats & Coaching

At LiLA we believe in Empowering the Community through the personal and professional development of it’s Leaders.  As a Business Owner, Founder, Board Member or C Level Executive you are that Leader. We invite you to join our wellness circle and explore becoming a better role model for your team and community. Join us virtually for one of our next salon webinars or around the world at one of our retreat destinations.  Book our conference retreat services or work with one of our specialists to curate a training that will propel your team to the next level.

Educational entertainment is media designed to educate through entertainment and a term used as early as 1954 by Walt Disney. 

Who Are Our Clients?

Business Leaders

We work directly with Startups, Local Business Owners, Elected Officials, Founders, Board Members, Artists and C Level Executives to accelerate their personal, professional and community development goals! Join our community, connect and explore ways to empower your social impact initiatives.

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Wellness, Innovation and Design are our 3 main pillars of Impact. We are looking for Community Development Initiatives (CDI) that exemplify the latest and greatest in these areas to support through our events and edutainment. Apply today to be one of our Nonprofit Partners!

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