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LiLA is a world wide Edutainment Initiative Based in Miami, FL. As members of LiLA we believe each citizen has the power to better their community by taking personal responsibility for their own life’s journey. As a collective of local business leaders we take personal responsibility for becoming the happiest, healthiest versions of ourself so we may better serve our loved ones and community. We are creative professionals with businesses across every industry, uniting in a game of personal development with ripple effects of growth for all. We curate unique brand initiatives as well as private events and learning experiences for those that qualify.

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Lifelong Learners

This is my little corner of the Internet, where I talk about of healing modalities from cultures across the world.

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Hi I’m Ashley Elizabeth Shiver, Founder of LiLA Studios and future local politician of South Florida. As an aspiring community leader I have curated a career at the intersection of technology, art, health and education, all in the name of community development. I have managed political campaigns, charity fundraising initiatives, health & technology conferences, a political action committee, burning man style festivals, community outreach events, emerging technology salons, women’s circles, underground naturalist parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, baby showers, medicine ceremonies and erotic art parties to name a few. In my pursuits as a project manager I have found that there is something to learn from everyone and every industry. For my forever learners, sapiosexuals, nerds, truth seekers and community leaders, I have created this platform for you. I have enjoyed many years behind the scenes, shaping and molding experiences of learning and have finally chosen to step into the light because I believe this message is worth sharing. I believe in this platform. In the pursuit of a better tomorrow, I am uniting with all the amazing brands in Miami-Dade County that choose to be community leaders within our initiatives.