Experiences, Products. and Courses curated for your greatest wellness journey.

For those lucky enough to spend time enjoying life, investing into themselves while bettering the world and the lives of those around them….. Congratulations! You’re living the dream, and we’re here to make that process even more efficient and delightful. This Community is for you. What’s your wellness fantasy?

Mind Body Healing Modalities

Yoga, Massage, Sound Healing, Reiki, Meditation, Qigong, Breath, Oil Treatments…. you name it we’re here to explore it. We’ve found the best healers in Miami and have worked with them to package Healing Services for you, your family or office. Want to learn more and experience with friends, a colleague or lover? Check out our curated list of Events for your healing pleasure.

Food, Gardening & the Art of Biohacking

Being connected to our earth even in the throughs of modern urban luxury is essential to our health and happiness. From sprucing up your home garden to setting up a tea party with immune boosting farm to table herbs at your office, talk to one of our associates about our Nature Services.

Dating & Relationships

This is the secret sauce, what separates LiLA from any other personal development or wellness concierge platform. Relationships shape our world, from your favorite barista at the local cafe to the loved ones you choose to share your home and heart with, take your communication, romance and life to the next level with our connection toolkits and expansion packs.

Professional Organization and Cleaning Services

Aesthetic, Beauty, Order….. money can’t buy happiness but it can buy you time and the ability to make the journey even more beautiful! It can also give you one of the most valuable things back, your free time. Choose from our professional organization services or book a deep cleaning session for your home or office.

— Jane Doe

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