Myriam and Alex, welcome you to CSL Behring’s virtual booth! We are your managers of Coagulation products for the state of Florida. CSL Behring is a global leader in rare disease, plasma-derived, and recombinant therapies with a long history of developing lifesaving treatments for patients with bleeding disorders for over 38 years. We are continually investing in emerging technologies in order to develop new products and improve patients’ lives around the world.
We encourage you to explore CSL Behring’s therapies for bleeding disorders: AFSTYLA, IDELVION, and HUMATE-P while you are at our booth! In addition to our therapies, CSL Behring is a leader in patient educational programs. On SUNDAY, JULY 25th, professional speaker Tim Ringgold will present on “”using music as a way of reducing stress””.
Through FHA, CSL Behring has sent informational packets on our therapies, patient resources, and an egg-shaped rattle to be used during Tim’s session. We look forward to seeing you in person in the near future. Have a great meeting!

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