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Exploring the Future of Dating & Relationships!

A Devi Dating Show Segment: Exploring our ability to love and be loved as a solution to global phenomenon. Think globally, act locally.

Celebrating, Exploring and Rewarding Healthy Relationship Habits

While the illustration above is fun to imagine the future of relationships will not be dating avatars or robot girlfriends, it won’t be casual dating app hookups or even virtual at all. The future of dating will consist of perfectly crafted matches and experiences that aid you in getting closer to connecting you with the one. How can we know who the one is for you? Well is we ask out AI algorithm…. just kidding. Our strategy is to help you find deep, authentic and unconditional love through a journey of self exploration and discovery. It is impossible for someone to love us for who we are if we are not truly living the life most authentic to us. The issue with that is its hard for us to understand sometimes whether or not we are living life for ourselves or simply to please others.

We are biologically programmed in many ways; to seek pleasure and avoid pain, to want to please others, to be liked… it’s a survival mechanism of a truly dependent species. We are creatures of community, we are here to connect and grow together. Our survival depends on it. This mindset has driven our relationships for millennia but we finally find ourselves at the verge of something more. The next level of relationship is coming… play this game to learn habits we are instilling for a brighter future and to unlock prizes for you and your special someone.

Meeting Helen

Here’s what you’ll learn

Discover your inner self

It’s important to know who you are before you can get where you want.

Meet Hellen in your 1:1

You’ll get one hour call with Hellen to apply the knowledge you have just acquired.

Make it actionable

Hellen’s course ends with clear action items, so you know what you have to do next.

Meet Hellen

You will begin by getting to know Hellen, who will also teach you how to learn the best tricks she accumulated throughout her 25+ years of experience.


What Clients Say

We place a huge value on strong relationships and have seen the benefit they bring to our business. Customer feedback is vital in helping us to get it right.

“Running my own business for a year and couldn’t be happier! Thanks, for the course!”

— Anna Wong, Volunteer

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