Creating Lasting Change with Community Programming

Connect with others, yourself and the community in new and exciting ways. Join one of our campaigns to participate in bettering your community through your own personal development journey.

Campaigns are story lines, event series and multi media art created for the experiential learning of topics we wish to embody in the world. LiLA stands for the Living Interactive Learning Assistant and acts as your guide through these various storylines along with other NPCs created by the LiLA Partners and Associates.

  • Beauty Brunch
  • The Academy
  • Devi Dating
  • Conquering & Caring
  • Innovation Station
  • Local Leadership Network (LLN)
  • L.O.V.E
  • The Green Room
  • M.I.S.S.

Think of campaigns as a combination of:

  1. A Marketing Campaign – A project management cycle where a specific brand narrative and design is distributed over a given period of time in order to reach a business development objective.
  2. A Political Campaign – A political platform with community outreach, media coordination, volunteer coordination and strategic partnerships all to further your agenda, most often to obtain office or support for a philanthropic initiative
  3. A Game Campaign – The story mode on video games where you play the main storyline curated by game developers. This includes all those immersive reality games, first person shooters, or fantasy games where you’re meeting other players as you quest through the storyline encountering all sorts of NPCs and Villains to battle.
  4. A Personal Narrative – A personal point of interest to you based on your personal narrative. This is a campaign you are choosing because it is something you relate to, believe in or have gone through.

When you can successfully combine all 4 you have glimpsed into our mission here at LiLA. LiLA stands for the Living Interactive Learning Assistant and aims at being a resource to all members of the community. From the advanced members: those who are not challenged enough, those have mastered the current level of life and want to move on to something more rewarding and more challenging; to the members of the community that are struggling in the same cycles, the ones who are suffering and who need a little assistance to upgrade from surviving to thriving in life.

We all on our own unique path, which should be celebrated. These campaigns or individual storylines, this is our dharma, our why of being here on this planet, our purpose. The more we explore and discover our unique purpose the better we become as a collective, as a community. This is our path as community developers. To find the most authentic, real expression of who we are, our special talents and the things that prevent us from being better loved ones and better leaders.

Everything is possible when we work together.

Innovation Station

Empowering through the exploration of modern technology

The Academy

Tackling life with more awareness and energy in every moment.

Nature Outings, Cleanups & Earth Initiatives

Recharge in Nature, Upgrade your Garden, Connect back to Earth

Nature Outings, Cleanups & Earth Initiatives

Recharge in Nature, Upgrade your Garden, Connect back to Earth

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