Beauty Brunch Initiative

Beauty on the outside is attractive, beauty on the inside is radiant. Reminding our community of the power of living a beautiful life.

It is commonly said that true beauty is a gift from creation that facilitates moments of surrender in all of our lives. Whether that is a beautiful sunset, glance from a loved one or a relaxing self care ritual, beauty is all around us. Embracing the beauty within allows us to create more beautiful moments and interactions in our life. Through self awareness, self care and practicing gratitude we can become better versions of ourselves, better family members, spouses and citizens overall. Inner beauty manifests in character traits such as kindness, generosity, forgiveness, grace, optimism and creativity. We aim at fostering these characteristics in our community through awards, giveaways and other community programming.

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“Our Mission is to remind people about the radiant beauty that exists in each and every one of us”

– Ashley Shiver, Executive Producer of Beauty Brunch