The 7 Points of LiLA as a Practice

A Practice is defined as: “the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method, as opposed to theories relating to it.”

While there are so many amazing resources, modalities and life philosophies available to us, none of them matter until we actual apply it to our life. In The Living Interactive Learning Initiative or LiLA Community, we will strategically cover the many secrets to life as we explore the local community and all the resources available to you in this human experience.

but more importantly we will give you practices to actually implement these concepts into your day to day life. We will also give you ways to practice:w

– With those you love, – those you work with and – as a foundation to explore getting to know others.

Without further ado….

1 ) breath

I can only put into words the philosophy and science of what breakthroughs breath can bring to your life. You may say, but LiLA, I breath all the time! I have never even gone a minute of my life without breathing and you would be correct. It is the most natural thing we do since birth. Since it is such a crucial and natural part of our existence we tend to overlook the power of breath in our day to day life.

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